Buccaneer 1.2

A game where players strive to become the most infamous pirate captain
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Stickman Studios Ltd
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The object of the game is simple… “The Pursuit of Infamy”. Each player will start with a very limited Infamy total – determined by their choice of starting location (Home Port). Their objective is to raise their Infamy total to 20, while simultaneously attempting to prevent their opponent from doing the same. There are numerous methods of gaining Infamy – territorial expansion, ship building, character recruitment, combat, diplomacy, espionage, etc. Similarly there are numerous ways of losing it… namely your opponent sinking your ships, capturing your territories, killing your characters and so forth. Infamy can also be used as a resource and certain powerful cards will use Infamy as a playing cost rather than Gold, which is the primary method for putting cards into play.

The game can also be won by capturing your opponent’s Home Port or by exhausting their Resource Deck, so strategies will not always be the same for all players. In fact, one of the current testers is working on a ship-free deck that relies on winning a game without using any military units whatsoever!



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